WhatsApp Introduces New Way for Easier Chat History Transfers Between Devices.
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WhatsApp Introduces New Way for Easier Chat History Transfers Between Devices

Meta is constantly bringing new features to WhatsApp to make the user experience as streamlined as possible. For instance, not too long ago, the platform gained a native ability to ignore spam calls. Now, the messaging platform just announced a feature for WhatsApp that will make transferring your chats over to a new device much easier and simpler. Keep reading to know more.

WhatsApp Chat History Transfer Now Easier!

Mark Zuckerberg made an official announcement on Facebook regarding a new method for transferring WhatsApp Chat History between devices. This will enable people with phones on the same operating system to perform the deed in a more convenient way.

From now on, you won’t have to rely on backing up the chats to the cloud, which was needed earlier. You can transfer data without leaving WhatsApp, avoiding potential security flaws or data transfer issues that may arise from unofficial apps or websites. WhatsApp’s native methodology guarantees the security of your data through end-to-end encryption and backend authentication. To recall, this was being tasted previously.

This method is also more personalized, as the transfer occurs via QR codes and data is only shared between your two devices. Also, with this method, transferring large media files and attachments will become much more quickly than the traditional method of backing up and restoring chat history and enabling the transfer of files that were previously deemed too large to transfer.

The transfer process is also pretty straightforward. Before you initiate the process, make sure you have both your new and old devices physically available with you. Now, to transfer your WhatsApp chat history, connect both of your devices to Wi-Fi and enable location access.

On your old device, navigate to the “Chats Menu” from the Settings Menu. Within the Chats Menu, you will find the “Chat Transfer” option. It will generate a QR Code on your old phone. Meanwhile, your new phone will get the opportunity to scan the code. Use the QR Code Scanner to initiate and complete the transfer process.

This feature is now rolling out to both Android and iOS users. If you do not see the option yet, make sure your app is updated. So, what are your thoughts regarding the new WhatsApp features? Do you think this will let you migrate to a new device with ease? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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