Valorant Deadlock: Abilities, Release Date, & More

Valorant Deadlock: Abilities, Release Date, & More

Valorant has been teasing players with a lot of hidden art for a possible new agent, be it two hands on a desk with nanowires art on Twitter or a battle pass card with an electric device. Another teaser of Sova’s drone approaching a snowy location to track down something was also shared online to build anticipation. And finally, on the night of the Valorant Masters Tokyo Grand finals, Riot Games showcased their 23rd agent Deadlock coming with Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 1 update. so, let’s discuss Deadlock and her abilities in detail.

Valorant Deadlock Release Date

According to Riot Games, Deadlock will be added to the game with the Episode 7 Act 1 update. The update goes live at 2:0PM PT/5:00PM ET on June 27. There will also be a server maintenance shutdown before the update.

Valorant Deadlock Abilities

Riot never disappoints with its unique approach to a new agent’s abilities and Deadlock in Valorant is no exception. Here is all you need to know about Deadlock’s abilities:

GravNet (C)

Deadlock can throw a grenade that detonates and turns into a circular netted trap. It makes enemies go into crouch mode. Along with it, movement speed slows down when the enemy walks while trapped. Combine it with any ability like Raze paint shell, Viper snake bite, or Gekko moshpit for great damaging potential. Any movement ability like Dash, Teleport, or Gatecrash will negate the slow and crouch effect.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

Throw a sensor on a structure or surface, and it attaches to it. The sensor detects footsteps, gunfire, reloading, or any noise and applies a concussion in the nearby area. The sensor doesn’t trigger if the enemy walks using shift

Place the sensor outside hookah on Bind drop in B-site or Fracture drop in A-site for the easy effect of the ability as the enemy must jump down in these places making a definite sound queue. This ability makes Deadlock a more fight-active sentinel on valorant map.

Barrier Mesh (E)

Deadlock’s signature ability is the Barrier Mesh. Throw a disc at a point where it creates a core. Around it becomes an X-shaped barrier that blocks enemies from moving through it. The barrier cannot block bullets, only enemies. It is created by destructible nanowire balls, which can be destroyed to break the barrier.The barrier can be a crucial utility for spike plant situations. You can stop the enemy at the last second by blocking entries in the site or use it on a spike when they have to defuse. Enemies must destroy the barrier to be able to move forward in such time crunching scenario.

Annihilation (X)

Deadlock weaves a thread of nanowires in a structure or wall. The wires enclose an enemy into a cocoon once it comes in contact. The cocooned enemy is disarmed, cannot move, and is pulled toward the start point of the wires. Once Deadlock’s ultimate pulls the cocoon to its start point, it kills the affected enemy. The cocoon can be destroyed with gunfire to free a teammate.If you use it wisely, you can make the whole team confused about their priority, and it can be super useful in clutch situations. Deadlocks Annihilation is one of the most precision-based skills in Valorant which requires proper timing and accuracy to hit an enemy.

Valorant Deadlock Role, Story & Origin

Deadlock (codenamed Cable) is originally from Norway. She lost her arm while on a mission while fighting a bear and rescuing a Kingdom scientist. She collapsed and Sova saved her. In the game, Deadlock is a Sentinel agent with an aggressive gameplay approach, unlike other Sentinels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Valorant Agent Deadlock from?

Deadlock is from Norway. She worked in Ståljeger’s Briar team. Later was appointed as the 23rd agent in Valorant protocol.

Is Deadlock a Sentinel?

Yes, Deadlock is a Sentinel hero. Deadlock can actively engage in holding off enemies with her abilities.

Did Deadlock lose her arm?

Yes, Deadlock lost her left arm while fighting a bear in Svalbard. She later got a nanowire accelerated arm in place with the help of Killjoy.

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