Samsung Partners With YogiFi To Deliver Smart TV Yoga Experience In India

Samsung Partners With YogiFi To Deliver Smart TV Yoga Experience In India

To celebrate International Yoga Day, Samsung has partnered with health startup YogiFi to deliver an immersive yoga experience to its customers. The Korean tech giant will deliver this experience on its select smart TV lineup by pairing them with the “world’s first AI-enabled Yoga mat.” Keep reading to know more.

Samsung Interactive Yoga Experience Is Here!

To experience this tech-based fitness and wellness amalgamation, you will need a Samsung Smart TV, YogaFit smart mattress, and the YogiFi app.

The entire concept of this feature is to use an array of sensors embedded within the mattress, to track your Yoga poses and postures, while giving you visual and audio output via your smart TV. The data captured by the Yoga mat will be relayed over to the YogiFi app with on-device and cloud syncing functionality.

All of this happens in real time. you get instant feedback on your posture, asana poses, and much more. There is a 21-day program (for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced Yogis) that you can partake in. You will be able to perform different asanas, posture correction forms, and guided walkthroughs.

Dipesh Shah, Head of India Consumer Experience Team at Samsung commented on the reveal, “At Samsung, we understand consumers’ desire for holistic health and fitness. Our partnership with YogiFi to make yoga more accessible for consumers is a part of our vision to bring calm to the connected world so that devices and innovation can enable better, more personal, and more intuitive multi-device experiences. Consumers can now practice yoga ‘the tech way’ on Samsung TVs at their home, benefiting from instant feedback.”

All 2023 Samsung smart TVs will support the YogaFi app. The supported TVs include the Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs, Crystal 4K UHD TVs, Samsung QLED TVs, and Samsung OLED TVs. So what do you think of this new Samsung offering? Are you into Yoga and fitness? Do let us know your thoughts below.

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