Apple Could Be Working on an External Display with This Interesting Feature
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Apple Could Be Working on an External Display with This Interesting Feature

Apple is expected to announce the upcoming Studio Display by the end of this year. And it appears that the Cupertino giant is looking to make it’s future Studio Display “smart” by incorporating an interesting iOS 17 feature. Keep reading to know more.

Mac Display With Standby Mode?

Mark Gurman’s Power on Newsletter (exclusive for subscribers) reports  that Apple is in the process of developing a Studio Display that will incorporate the StandBy feature of iOS 17. This development would mean that the display will be able to function independently of the Mac that powers it.

In case you haven’t heard, iPhones will be getting a new StandBy mode later this year. This feature will let you easily check glanceable details even when your phone is not in use. With the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-on-Display (AOD) mode, you can choose different clock styles, view photos, and more.

In order to gain advanced features such as the StandBy Mode, Apple will be required to integrate a specialized Apple Silicon chipset into the Studio display. If you can recall, the 2022 Mac studio Display was equipped with a customized A13 Bionic chipset, suggesting that the upcoming Studio Display will likely utilize the A14 Bionic chipset with upgrades or something better.

If incorporated, the StandBy mode will be activated when the display is not in use. This is where the “independent” bit of the display comes in. The UI could be similar to that of iOS 17’s version.

Currently, there is limited information available about the upcoming Studio Display. It’s important to note that the StandBy feature was initially rumored by Gurman to debut with iPad OS 17 but that did not materialize. We do know that this feature will be available on iOS 17 and it’s possible that your Mac Display could transform into a sizable “glance screen.”

We will make sure to bring the latest developments your way as soon as they are available. In the meantime, let us know if you want the StandBy feature for your next Studio Display in the comment down below.

Featured Image: 2022 Apple Studio Display.

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